Michigan IT Support For Your Business

For Immediate assistance

One Click Helpdesk

The IT Department's helpdesk is always a single mouse click or call away. No logins or passwords to remember. Protected, safe, and simple.

Instant IT Support

Never wait hours or days, be amazed at the IT Department's response time. Our current response time is measured in minutes and we guarantee an hour or less.

Powerfully Competent

The IT Department has internationally published technology authors who have thought the NSA, CIA, FBI, and more about stopping computer crime and increasing information technology security.

Award Winning

The IT Department has been winning awards from Cisco, Microsoft, HP, IBM, and more for over a decade.

Customer's Love Us

We always act as if the customer is present in the moment. Our goal is to WOW our customers each and every day.

Optimize Your IT

The IT Department performs hourly health scans and over 3,200 tasks on each computer, every month.

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The IT Department Offerings

IT Helpdesk

A Complete Helpdesk is Only a Click Away

One Click Access

With our IT Helpdesk icon on every workstation, each employee can enter a service ticket and receive the help they need with the click of the mouse. Interactions between our technicians and your staff will be fast, easy and documented for your convenience.

Fast Response Times

Our average response time to service tickets is 7 - 12 minutes. Whether you are putting in a ticket using the IT Helpdesk icon or calling to speak directly to our technicians you can have peace of mind knowing we are moving quickly to resolve your problem.

Monitoring and Reporting

We will provide you with real-time monitoring and alerts to keep you apprised of your systems. Also, through the use of on-demand reports, we will be able to help you be proactive and plan for upgrades before minor issues turn into major problems and system failures.


IT Data Backups

Complete assurance in the reliability and recoverability of your IT systems.

Backup Monitoring

We provide complete backup monitoring and reporting on any backed up computers or servers. All of this comes with no large upfront investment in hardware, software, disk space or licensing.

Disaster Recovery

We ensure you have all the tools you need to avoid a computer disaster. We customize a full disaster recovery plan for your business. Using the 24/7 backups, on-site encrypted data storage and immediate spare equipment loaners we provide, we will get your business back up and running.

Semi-Annual Tests

We will test your backups semi-annually to ensure proper restoration. This ensures that your backups are working and effective.


IT Security

Security comes from expert knowledge and process, not software.

Log Scanning and Retention

We will protect your business from two different angles. First, we ensure that you are aware of questionable activity by giving you real-time notifications before it impacts your business. Second, by keeping off-site, forensically secure, log retention in read-only copies as back up protection from outside threats.

Computer Protection

We provide computer protection without software or licenses purchases for you to manage. This means you will always have the most current, up to date information protection on your system. We can customize your protection needs based on your business needs.

Yearly Security Tests

We conduct a yearly penetration test and compliance auditing to ensure your security is as tight as it can be.


IT Optimization

Confidence knowing every night, every computer is working to improve your experience.

Nightly Scans

With IT Optimization, all devices connected to your network are scanned nightly for missing patches or updates. Doing this overnight means that your network is properly maintained with no loss of work, or impact, during peak business hours due to maintenance issues.

Patches and Updates

IT Optimization ensures you will no longer waste time worrying and researching if it is a good idea to click OK on updates. The IT Department will take care of that for you. Critical updates and patches are applied within 7 business days of public release.

Maintenance tasks

IT Optimization ensures your workstations and servers are running as optimally as possible. To accomplish this, the IT Department performs over 3,200 tasks for each machine, every month. Everything from disk cleanup and defragmentation to log file upkeep and temporary file removal will be done without you ever having to think about it again. All of this improves dependability and performance of your technology.


IT Voice

The IT Department is a FCC registered VoIP Phone Company.

No Large Capital Expense

IT Voice utilizes your existing network. This means that there is no need to purchase additional equipment. Any equipment that may need to be added to your network is included with the service. Even the phone sets are included!

No Unexpected Fees

When you have IT Voice there are no hidden fees. The monthly fee includes all equipment, phones, taxes and fees, and unlimited calls. Never be surprised by your phone bill again.

Utilize the Latest Technologies

IT Voice uses the latest voice over IP (VoIP) technologies. This means that you will get enhanced services such as softphones (the ability to make and receive calls from your computer), instant messaging, and electronic fax service.


IT Unlimited

Unlimited IT Support for your business.

Unlmited Service

As an IT Unlimited client, you receive all IT Department standard services. IT Helpdesk, Optimization, Backup, and Security are all included. Never worry about your IT environment again!

Unlimited Support

IT Unlimited gives you unlimited IT support. Whether you call us one hour a month or eight hours a day, you’re covered. Never worry about calling your IT Department for IT support again!

Unlimited Peace of mind

Once you have IT Unlimited you'll never have to worry about the quality of service you are receiving. Gone are the days of asking "Am I being billed properly?" or "Is this guy taking his time to bill me more". With unlimited service and unlimited support, our motivation as your IT Department is to fix things as quickly as possible and as permanently as possible the first time!

The Best Michigan IT Support Option for Your Business